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History and Mystery

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Bernie Calaway

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About Me

Bernie Calaway is a retired Navy chaplain and biblical scholar, positions attained not without some struggle.  He’s a native Texan who quickly learned he’d be a happier minister than a cotton farmer on the high plains.  Now, in active retirement, he writes, draws, takes regular naps, and tries to keep the squirrels off the back stoop.

Bernie is the author of eight nonfiction books and two collections of entertaining fables.  Titles in the marketplace today include Revealing the Revelation, Discernment from Daniel, Revelation for Regular Readers, Operation Revelation: A Teen’s Guide to Earth’s Final Curtain (with a co-author), and Oracles from Olivet: The Eschatological Jesus.  The latest is a five volume encyclopedia of biblical terms entitled History and Mystery: The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy, Apocalypticism, Mythos, and Worldwide Dynamic Theology. 101 Fun Fables is a treasury of animal fables, stories that are both practicable and whimsical. 

author bernie calawayOther publications include over 100 newspaper and magazine articles, poems, and essays in such periodicals as Reflections, Pulpit Digest, The Navy Chaplain, The Harbor Watch (New York City area), and The Bluejacket (Memphis, TN).  He has variously served as editor and staff writer for several chapel and church newsletters.  In addition, he’s written and directed three locally produced plays.  Several poems have been published over the years.

The author holds a BA degree from Baylor University majoring in English and religion with a minor in history followed by a Masters of Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Supplemental coursework includes Marriage Counseling, Rape Crisis Counseling Certification, and Psychology of Personality and Adjustment.  He is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and has received an honorable mention in the Writer’s Digest 73rd annual competition.  Let us not neglect to mention avocations like lecturer, teacher, and biblical consultant.

Bernie served as a pastor for two years prior to joining the U.S. Navy.  Military experience as a Navy chaplain spanned a 28 year career until retirement in 1995 in the grade of Captain.  In the process he served Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard billets. Along the way he has taught junior high, high school, and adjunct college courses in religion, history, psychology, and business ethics.  He was a pastor for many years. Retirement years have left time for writing, drawing cowboy pictures, painting, and goofing off.

Discernment from Daniel: “All I know is that the book [Daniel] is beautiful, practical, and important. The gut will testify to that as clearly as the head.” History and Mystery: “As one reviewer put it, ‘These aren’t definitions; they’re explanations’.”

Discernment from Daniel: “Without Daniel and Revelation, we would be left with mere vague and shadowy reflections about the afterlife and the destiny of our human race. We would lack full assurance that it is a good thing to be a good person.” History and Mystery: “What does a kiss have to do with apocalyptic judgment? How did the Moabites help form Hebrew and Christian eschatology? Why do Branch Dividian types and Islamic terrorists seek suicide in apocalyptic fervor but the general public lends it scant attention? How can a lamb be ferocious and a wolf be a pacifist?”

Discernment from Daniel: “It’s nice to know our future is secure in an eternal sense without being terrified about the particulars.” “My Social Security number has three sixes in it. Should I upgrade?”

About the Books

Surely, you’ve lain awake at night to ponder life  beyond time? Or dreamed restlessly of those multi-honored beasts of Revelation? Or became frustrated because you don’t know how to properly use your athame? How about all those times you came across a theological word that battered your brain? No problem. History and Mystery: The Complete Eschatological Encyclopedia of Prophecy, Apocalypticism Mythos, and Worldwide Dynamic Theology has arrived. Here, just for you, are five volumes of exhaustive information that every student, teacher, and interested person everywhere need to know. Over 10,000 defined words and phrases, 60 exploratory essays, and mini-sections of relational materials await. Before you know it, you’ll be the best informed reader in your neighborhood and most of the next state over.

History and Mystery Series

history and mystery volume 1

History and Mystery Volume 1

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History and Mystery Volume 2

history and mystery volume 3

History and Mystery Volume 3

history and mystery volume 4

History and Mystery Volume 4

history and mystery volume 5

History and Mystery Volume 5



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