Oracles from Olivet


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Finding material concerning any end-of-the-world-tinged subject is easy. But what information is reliable? Which theories are faith-based and biblically sound? Does everything have to be complex, scary, or sensational? To harvest the best answers, doubtless, we should look to the best source. There is none better, of course than Jesus Christ himself. His discourse from Mt. Olivet, near Jerusalem, was the final and most detailed revelation given during his earthly ministry. As a fortunate bonus, the book you are holding will help clarify the intricacies of the end-time message for today’s generation. Oracles from Olivet could easily become your primer for futuristic thinking. Every page offers reasoning that is clear, concise, and – yes, even entertaining. Paraphrases tame the tough theological words and illustrative fables flavor the text.

You won’t be disappointed – you’ll be thrilled.



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